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The one place for your career path

Your career path streamlined

One place, addressing different parts of your career journey.


Your career path streamlined

  • Addressing different parts of your journey

    a pool of services seamlessly interlinked to create a smooth and personalized one‑stop solution.

  • Helping you from the beginnings

    finding your passions and interest to what and where to study, all the way to your future profession/s.


Make smart choices

Our smart tools empower you to make better decisions, helping you every step of the way.

Make smart choices

  • Browse and learn

    about programs, schools/ universities and professions you’re interested in.

  • Explore, Compare, Save and Search

    careers, courses, schools/ universities and much more.

  • Not sure?

    Just take one of our quizzes that will help you…

  • Just watch and learn!

    Our media section provides you with videos, podcasts and documents from students, teachers, schools, alumni’s, advisors…

  • Forgot something?

    Don’t worry we’ve got your back! Our To Do lists give you reassurance and help you step by step.

Build your team

Connect and collaborate with peers, alumnis, advisors, mentors, teachers, tutors…

Product development, MVP, Funding, Mentoring

Build your team

  • Create your unique profile and start your career journey

  • Meet the people that will help you make your journey a success

    connect and collaborate with peers, advisors, mentors, teachers, tutors…

  • Find out what it’s really like

    to do a profession you dream of or go to a school or university you’re thinking of attending.

  • Ask anything

    you want to know and hear from people who share their experience with you.

Find your match

Get Matched with programs, schools/universities and professions that best fit your unique background and interests.

Interests matching

At a glance

Find all the important information on your personal dashboard.

At a glance

  • Everything in one place.

    To make life simple, we created a personal dashboard for you - a place where you can find all your personal information.

  • Visualize, Add, Edit and Share.

    Use your dash for your own progress or to collaborate with others. It's up to you 🙂

  • It’s about trust!

    Which is also why we created the dashboard. Being transparent and sharing the data and information we know about you.

A safe environment

  • The internet should be a safe place.

    It is something we all want and should aspire to do.

  • We are committed to “Privacy by Design”.

    Safeguarding your privacy is incorporated into our systems & technologies, by default (read more about this in our manifesto).

  • Oh, and all of our users are verified of course!

    Creating a safe environment for your new interactions.

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